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Jeff Loveness, the writer of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, addressed if fans may expect any X-Men links in the upcoming MCU crossover.

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox at the end of 2017, fans have been anticipating the release of the X-Men. But little or no progress has been made since then toward their arrival.

Even She-Hulk is curious as to when they will be revealed.

So, Deadpool 3 is coming, but rather than the original MCU iterations, it appears that Wade Wilson and Wolverine and other mutants from Fox’s own X-Men universe will make an appearance.

Yes, Ms. Marvel and Namor are the only MCU characters who fall under the category of a mutant. Nevertheless, as of now, it doesn’t seem Marvel Studios is going to be doing too much with their unique genetics anytime soon.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty X-Men?

Writer of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Jeff Loveness discussed the potential inclusion of significant Fantastic Four and X-Men links in the next crossover movie during an interview with Brandon Davis of Comicbook.com for the Phase Zero Podcast.

Loveness lamented that he “think[s] all that stuff is quite far away,” emphasizing in particular how the X-Men are “being saved for a bit”:

“Oh, I believe that everything is quite far away. Although I am aware that they are producing Fantastic Four, it is a separate endeavor. I’m the biggest X-Men fan in the world, so no, I mean. Not at all. That’s being held off, in my opinion. But these Avengers are in trouble, you know. With Kang, they have a lot going on. They received far more than they could manage.

Nate Moore, the executive producer of Avengers 5, previously discussed this with Screen Rant and said that “[the MCU] might be a few years out from the X-Men,” citing “Storm’s bond with Wakanda” as an intriguing connection:

“Yes, Storm and Wakanda’s publishing connection is really fascinating. I’m not sure we’re there yet because, obviously, the X-Men may be a few years away. We still haven’t introduced anyone else from Wakanda. There is, in fact, a pretty deep bench.

I believe Ta-reign Nehisi’s introduced many important characters, many of whom would be entertaining to export. even Vibraxas, who is more of a Fantastic Four character. The bench is indeed rather deep, though. I think there’s a lot more stories to tell on Wakanda for sure.”

Loveness brought up Jonathan Majors’ Kang during a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, highlighting his original method for introducing the character to the MCU:

Though he claims to understand what it’s like to lose, Thanos never actually loses until the very last scene of Endgame. All he does is bash Thor’s ass and throw the people he loves away. (Laughs.) Nonetheless, it is a risk, and we undoubtedly received criticism for it.

The Marvel Studios writer discussed how the character of Magneto has influenced Kang the Conqueror’s development in the MCU, explicitly noting “Chris Claremont’s Magneto” as an inspiration:

Yet I’m prepared to wager that, like Chris Claremont’s Magneto in those X-Men books, we’ll support a character we’ve seen falter and fall. We witness the great loss and suffering that man has endured. We are on his side and understand his wrath by the time he actually lets it out. So, I believe it is OK for a villain to fire a few rounds while [Kang the Conqueror or his versions] ascend.

How much longer will the X-Men fans have to wait?

Fans shouldn’t anticipate Marvel Studios to properly explore mutants until after the Multiverse Saga, based on the MCU’s impending slate. In fact, it wouldn’t be shocking if the following Saga was given their name.

Fans should at the very least be able to temporarily satisfy their X-Men itch by watching Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Outside of the mutants, Loveness’ use of language in relation to the Fantastic Four appears to support one of his earlier assertions.

The Marvel first family won’t likely even be used, according to the author, in The Kang Dynasty. The X-Men, on the other hand, do not have a confirmed place on Marvel Studios’ schedule; Reed Richards and his family do.

It goes without saying that Loveness has his job cut out for him even though mutants have no place in the Kang Dynasty.

On May 2, 2025, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty premieres in theaters.

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