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Taron Egerton has been fan-cast by MCU fans for a variety of prospective Marvel roles, including Wolverine, but the actor could no longer be considering the series.

As he began building an excellent resume with roles in films like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Sing, and Rocketman, Egerton has caught the attention of MCU fans. Fans expected him to appear soon because he even acknowledged that they had a general meeting with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige in July 2022.

Even though he acknowledged that it would be “very fantastic” to portray Wolverine, Egerton insisted in February 2022 that he was not formally in talks to join the franchise.

Sadly, given that the actor might soon be a part of the highest-grossing movie franchise in history, that sentiment might no longer hold true.

Taron Egerton’s MCU Hopes Are Getting Lower

Actor Taron Egerton gave an explanation of why he is no longer as enthusiastic or insistent about joining the MCU as he once was in the March 2023 issue of Total Film magazine.

Egerton was asked which Marvel character he brought up in his conversation with studio head Kevin Feige last year and whether the figure is still up for grabs. He replied by saying he’s “too old for it now” and “that ship has definitely sailed,” bringing up Wolverine, particularly in his response:

That ship has probably sailed, in my opinion. I get questioned about the whole Wolverine thing, and no matter what you answer, it always comes out as what people want you to say. I won’t be the actor that plays Wolverine. There are no indications that this is the problem. And I’m simply not sure whether maybe I am… I’m not sure. Maybe I’m at a stage where I don’t want that as much. I’m not sure.”

Despite the fact that he has “truly enjoyed watching” the films over the years, he isn’t ruling out a part in the MCU, but he isn’t sure whether “they’re the right thing” for him right now:

“I love those Marvel movies, so I’d never say no. During the past 10, 15, and more years, I’ve truly enjoyed watching them. And whether I… You know, maybe they’re no longer the best option for me. Maybe I’ve moved past the stage where doing it seemed good [for my career].”

He remembered how much he had enjoyed working on Black Bird, and he is hoping to do similar projects along those lines in the future:

“Like, I had a great time doing “Black Bird.” That was great fun for me. My upcoming Apple project, which I’ll be working on before the end of the year, has my whole attention. It won’t be called “Firebug,” despite the name that it now has. I want to look for items that are more along those lines, I suppose.”

Will Taron Egerton Ever Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It appears that Taron Egerton isn’t as aggressively pursuing an MCU job as he was in the previous few years, despite the fact that a plethora of roles are still up for grabs in upcoming MCU marvel movie in order films, particularly with the X-Men and Fantastic Four on the horizon.

Although he doesn’t criticize the franchise in the same manner that other actors have in the past, the Golden Globe winner is obviously content with the direction his professional career is currently headed in.

Egerton won’t be 34 until November 2023, giving him more than enough time to accept a part in the MCU, should he and Marvel decide on the perfect one.

And even though there is still a lot to come in the Multiverse Saga, there is still optimism that he won’t end up being the MCU’s Wolverine or even one of the other series heavyweights at this point.

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