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James Cameron, the film’s director, acknowledged something about The Way of Water’s Spider that viewers previously thought would be the case in some recent remarks regarding Avatar 3.

It goes without saying that the Avatar sequel has had an incredible box office run. It held the top spot at the box office for seven weeks in a row and is currently the third-highest-grossing movie of all time, trailing only the original and Avengers: Endgame.

James Cameron’s world was greatly expanded by The Way of Water, but it also featured a few brand-new characters. Spider by Jack Champion was one of them.

Spider was a human who had secretly become a member of the Sully clan without being aware that he was the son of their deadliest foe, Quaritch. By the time the second film’s credits rolled, Spider had succeeded in preventing Jake Sully from killing his ethically dubious father.

A Spider’s Value Moving forward

A crucial character from the follow-up would continue to play a significant role in upcoming movies, director James Cameron assured those present at a fan screening of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Spider is going to continue to be an essential character, the filmmaker said in response to a query concerning Jack Champion’s role, via Discussing Film’s Andrew Salazar.

Many fans anticipated that Champion’s character would play a significant role in the upcoming sequels after the events of Avatar 2 and Spider’s crucial choice to save Quaritch. Audiences can now be sure that Spider will play a significant part in Avatar 3 and subsequent films.

In his explanation, Cameron added that “Spider links [Jake and Quaritch] together” in his imagination.

Prior to now, in a December 2022 interview with Vanity Fair, Champion stated that “[he]s] just excited for people to watch how [future films] plays out:”

I don’t want to give away the plot, but I suppose it’s simple for me because I did it for five years before this, so what’re another two years?

Champion said that “there might be a bit” of bitterness toward Neytiri for holding his character captive and that his character felt compelled to help his estranged father “since [he’s] family” when questioned if he might feel resentment towards her.

The actor concluded by explaining how “[he’s] prepared for the love and the anger” that his character might encounter:

I’m ready to accept both love and hate… Any emotion you express is appropriate. Hence, it’s completely justified if you detest him for it. That is also justified if you get his perspective. He is simultaneously choosing the right and wrong course of action.

What lies in Spider’s future?

Though fans have been given a quick sight of Spider’s somewhat altered appearance, not much is known about Avatar 3 or Spider’s part in the proceedings.

After saving his father, one would assume Spider would face some type of repercussion. When the Sullys learn about the decision, they won’t like it.

It might even result in a wider, longer-lasting rift between Spider and his adoptive family.

The third installment will, at the very least, feature the introduction of the fire Na’Vi tribe, who, in contrast to the other tribes, will be shown in a harsher light and “antagonistic” toward Sully and his family.

With the Na’Vi acting in a morally dubious manner, this appears to lay the ground for humans to be portrayed in a more positive light the next time around—a welcome change of pace.

The release of Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 20, 2024.

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